Grubby Paws' "Mouse Relocation Program"
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It began innocently enough. Grubby was aware of a mouse in the house. But soon----because Grubby was taking soooo much time to build some humane traps to catch it in----there were sounds of MANY mice surrounding Grubby. Grubby could not understand why this was happening. They were NOT asked to come into Grubby's house. Just because there was an open door that breached the wall around grubby's home-----it was NOT an invitation to come in. They entered ILLEGALLY!!

Grubby soon had three traps made and the mice were being captured and relocated to an old stump in the yard. He threw some cat food out for them and it soon disappeared. Grubby was happy to have them gone. It was WRONG for them to cross the threshold into Grubby's home. He had NOT invited them.

Apparently a pregnant mouse had ASSUMED Grubby was welcoming her when he left his cellar door open while working around the house in the fall. She must have crossed in and had an "anchor baby" -----for now she was having children and all of the relatives were moving in to be with them.

Soon the first few mice tried to play the "sympathy card." They talked of loved ones that they wanted to bring to be with them. They wanted to extend what they thought was Grubby's kindness. But in shedding tears and telling sad stories of family they missed----Grubby felt unappreciated. He felt that just capturing them ALIVE to send back----should have them showing gratitude and not contempt. If they wanted their family to reunite----they could ALL go back where they came from and reunite THERE. Grubby was not stopping them! THEY are the ones that broke their family up by just LEAVING. Grubby was not to blame for their decisions. Then a mouse tried to beg----in hopes of making Grubby feel guilty. Suddenly Grubby was all OUT of SYMPATHY. He was feeling VERY abused.

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People were critical of Grubby for not letting more in. But again-----it was GRUBBY'S house. It didn't belong to the mice. Soon they ignored Grubby and began to display their impatience and contempt for Grubby not showing more kindness. impatient-mouse.gif (14739 bytes)They told Grubby that they would now take over the house----by BREEDING. It was beginning to feel like that really might happen as they were appearing faster than Grubby could catch them.

Neighbors complained to Grubby as they thought he had a responsibility to keep them warm and fed through the winter----until they could be relocated to new homes in the summer. Soon there poop and urine were found all over Grubby's tools and cars and trucks. They were bringing in disease. Oh sure---there were some that might not be. But who wants to eat mashed potatoes with what looks like large ground pepper in them! So now it's WAR!! Grubby has three traps going and will make more. He soon found that they had also taken over his truck as they chattered (mice make funny little chattering noises) and walked across the headliner of his truck. Grubby found what he thought was miniature pieces of "candied corn" but when Grubby squeezed them they were spongy. Then Grubby realized what they were. As the mice ripped out chunks of foam from the seats with their open mouths----it came out like a tapered plug----hence a miniature candied corn look. As Grubby loosened up the back of the passenger seat cover----foam and peanut shells and chewed up paper came pouring out. It was a DISGUSTING mess. And today Grubby found little mouse tracks by the cats food dish. The mice are STEALING FUNNY FACE'S KIBBLES!!!!!

So check back to see how the battle is going. But hey----if some of you are feeling compasionate towards the mice and wish to give them a hug of love------just let Grubby know. Faster than you can say "Mickey Mouse is a Transgender"---your home will be transformed to a house just OVERFLOWING with adorable little eyes----little tiny feet---and a smile that says "Thank you." ;-))

As of 01/30/2017 Grubby has relocated 10 mice and ignored them as they claimed it was THEIR RIGHT to live in Grubby's house and have him support them. But here in Grubby's home the mice still need to be careful of what they complain about. Right now Grubby is trying to relocate them ALIVE. It would be easier to relocate them using the "40 cent killer---wing into the woods or trash---traps!!!!"

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